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Child care for children from 7 to 10 years
No space for boredom

Here is much space for great experiences: in the garden, in the petting zoo, on the "Geisterberg", having a campfire, playing, tinkering, painting. The childcare convinces your kids with a great children's program 60 hours a week. 


Dear children, take your mom and dad on a leash and go to the petting zoo. Lila & Inge the ponys, Max & Moritz with the baby rabbits and Silvie, Kathi & Rupert our chicken look forward to your cuddles.

Your responsibilities includes:

  • stroking, stroking, stroking, ...
  • always take good care that there is enough water in the designated containers AND
  • the daily support of Lila & Inge on the pasture


Imagine you had such a playground at home:

  • play tower with slide, ladder, swing
  • large trampoline and table tennis
  • Oberforsthof stadium for performances, football games, ball games, ...
  • campfire with cozy get-together


Once a week there is a common movie night for the latest children's films. Of course the children in the group are allowed to choose a movie.


One thing is guaranteed: Here is no space for boredom. The children's program will start daily from 11 am and end at 8 pm. Here a few points from the program:

  • large olympiad with loads of tasks
  • Window Color painting
  • common movie night
  • motley tinker fun: with felt, foam rubber or cardboar
  • Alpendorf hike: we collect flowers, rocks, roots for crafting
  • paint your own t-shirt
  • common evening at the campfire with music
  • table tennis olympiad
  • family hike with mom and dad
  • depending on the program: hike to the "Geisterberg"*, Liechtenstein Gorge*, tree trail

*tickets are not included in the price



It is much more fun when you eat together. The meal times are provided daily in the kids program, so that the children are always full of energy. Therfore it says daily 1 hour "relaxing in the kids corner and strenghtening in the restaurant".