The fun kingdom of ghosts

In the summer the theme park "Geisterberg" is an absolutely recommended destination for the whole family. Because while the kids are having the time of their lifes' in the different activity-stations, parents are able to fully enjoy the breathtaking sights and have an unforgettable hiking experience for body and soul. Absorbe the magic of the impressive mountains of Salzurg

The fun kingdom of ghosts, which you can reach with the Alpendorf gondola and from gondola-top station with the ghosts-train, offers for all the kids a varied and exciting entertainment program.

The kids will explore the path of the forsest-spirits, spy on the dwarves and  all the sudden discover a sleeping dragon. And the most courageous ones can even spelunk the sinister Krampus caves. Afterwards the kids can show their accuracy in the schooting with bow and arrows. 

The many waterfalls and fountains along the way will make sure that one holds his spirit refreshed and does not loos the track of all the exciting adventures.