Exercising in the mountains is now one of the most popular and healthiest types of sport in the Alps. Whether in winter or in summer - keep yourself fit in the beautiful countryside. 

5 good reasons to overcome your weaker self

  • jogging makes your heart powerful again
  • jogging strengthens bones
  • jogging improves your metabolism
  • jogging brings back your natural satiety
  • trainend people sleep better and more deeply


Jogging on the routes around the Hotel Oberforsthof means jogging without being under pressure. Much more important is the experience in the nature and the effect of your movements on body, mind and soul.


Jogging tracks - fitness park St. Johann

Along the Salzach in St. Johann/Pongau is a fitness park with a total of 7 running tracks. A starting point is, for example, the power plant Plankenau with the fitness course for strengthening and stretching exercises. Here you get to the interactive map.

At the entry points panorama boards are erected with height chart, length, difficulty and type of route. On the right side you can find our route tips with map, length, approx. duration and height difference to DOWNLOAD. 

  • route PLANKENAU: 6,4 km, 45 min 
  • route KRAFTWERK: 9,1 km, 65 min
  • route GRAFENHOF: 8 km, 60 min
  • route UNTERMARKT: 4,5 km, 30 min

Running time at 8 km/h

Running shoes and workout clothes

For jogging running shoes are extremely important. Pay attention to quality - your feet/your body will thank you!

Best advice and service you receive at Intersport Kerschbaumer, Leo-Neumayer-Straße 2, 5600 St. Johann/Pg.