Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a form of walking using sticks. The Oberforsthof offers weekly guided Nordic Walks to introduce new-comers to this latest trend. The perfect start to your active holiday in Salzburger Land.

Why Nordic Walking?
Hardly any other sport combines fitness and health better.

  • Nordic Walking is easy and quick to learn
  • Nordic Walking relieves pressure on the musculoskeletal system by up to 30% making it ideal for anyone with knee or back problems
  • Relieves muscle tension in the shoulders and neck
  • Is the ideal outdoor training and a great way to lose weight
  • Is almost twice as effective as walking without sticks, burning more than 400 kcal/h as oposed to the usual 280 kcal/h that are burnt when we walk normally
  • Improves heart performance and circulation
  • Increases oxygen levels throughout the body

Along the river Salach in Sankt Johann/Pongau is a fitness park with 7 Nordic-Walking trails. Some start at the Kraftwerk Plankenau where there is a fitness course for strengthening and stretching exercises, some start from the College of Further Education (Berufsschule). The starting points also have information boards showing altitudes, length, level of difficulty and the characteristics of the trail. Here you get to the interactive map.