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Petting zoo
The hotel with petting zoo in Alpendorf

The Oberforsthof has some new members, which promise a lot of fun.

Since summer 2014 the Oberforsthof has some super cute animals. Within the child care the animals are petted and fed. Another thing in the child care is to bring the ponies Lila, Hugo & Inge to the pasture. Children's dreams come true.

We introduce the new inhabitants of our petting zoo:

  • Max & Moritz - two white dwarf rabits with black spots
  • Molly & her baby's - super cute family
  • Silvie, Kathi & Rupert - the restrained chickens
  • Krümel, Speedy, Barney, Hubsy & Sunny - the good-humored guinea pigies
  • Lila, Hugo & Inge - the ponies who spend their days in field - you can visit them any time! 

So dear children - take your moms and dads "on the leash" and off to petting zoo :)