The Oberforsthof enjoys a beautiful location. Situated high above - in the middle of the Salzburg mountains, 760 meters above sea... and up here there is one thing: lots of space - space to relax, feeling good, fine food, cozy rooms,... in a word: here is ...




And that is what makes the holidays with us so special.

And our guests have also a very special place: in our hearts. So we give every day to ensure our best to make a memorable holiday. In this sense, we are looking forward to see you in Alpendorf!

"We are curious, open and innovative" - so Johann Höllwart. These are the principles that we live by everyday in Oberforsthof. Only to ensure our guests the highest level of holiday quality and rebound.

Accordingly, we are constantly working with a lot of energy and even more commitment to give our very best - over and over again - in all the possible details. With a smile that comes right from the heart. Real and honest.


your Höllwart family

& Oberforsthof-Team