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Breakfast: absolutely imperial
Eating an extensive breakfast is usually out of the question in everyday life. That’s why we celebrate your vacation with a superlative XXL breakfast. Despite the buffet, you can take it easy, because tea and coffee specialties are served freshly prepared at your table, just like egg dishes. Meanwhile, you can read our selection of German-language daily newspapers and browse through the daily tips in our “Morgenpost”.
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Breakfast selection
  • From the bakery: fresh rolls, pastries and bread, crispy toast, Danish pastries & croissants
  • From the butcher: ham, cold cuts, sausages & salmon
  • From the farm: butter, cheese, spreads
  • Homemade jams, Nutella, honey variations
  • Porridge, various cereals, homemade bircher muesli
  • Fruit salad, fresh fruit & berries, seasonal vegetables
  • On order: freshly prepared egg dishes & waffles
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice, juices, water, prosecco, coffee specialties
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Enjoy either way

The breakfast buffet is included with all the frills for hotel guests. If you prefer to have breakfast in bed, simply order your favorites the day before and have your breakfast cart delivered to your room for €15 per person. External guests can feast unlimited with reservation for €24 per person.

Starlight hours guaranteed

Happiness is always just a moment. And these moments of happiness are often triggered by tiny loving gestures. Reason enough for us to keep such gestures in store for you. We’re sure that our extras will warm the hearts of everyone. If you need them, just give us a hint.