Fitness & Yoga

Exercise and sports, experiencing and consciously perceiving nature is a good basis in addition to a healthy diet. You don’t have to do without anything on vacation either. You have even more time for it. At Oberforsthof you can visit the gym continuously. At the same time, adult guests have the opportunity to work out in the new yoga & fitness studio at Sonnhof Alpendorf. In addition, you can visit one of our yoga classes at least once a day.

Yoga offer
Experience nature
  • Countless walking trails, forest paths and tree trail in the alpine village
  • Experience nature on bike tours
  • Herb walk at the Zederberg farm
  • Walking experience with nature workshop
  • Mountains & Bathing: the ultimate natural spectacle in summer

Meadow, forest, pure nature

Directly from the Hotel Oberforsthof you can take many smaller walks through forest and meadow. Especially impressive is a walk through the forest after a light summer thunderstorm or rainy weather. In addition, once a week there is a guided hike with a nature workshop. You will learn a lot about native herbs, flowers and trees. It’s worth signing up!

Bathing & Mountains

Mountain lakes have something powerful and impressive at the same time. In addition, a wonderful cooling on hot summer days. Those who spend their vacations in the mountains should also take advantage of the climate, exercise and immerse themselves in many great experiences.

Class Circuit Training

Three gyms are available for classic strength & cardio training: the small Techno Gym in Oberforsthof, the elegant Sonnhof Studio and the new Haven Gym. Because as a guest of the Höllwart Hotels you can use many facilities of the other two houses free of charge. Despite everything, the mountains are still the most beautiful gym.

gym at Sonnhof Alpendorf

Yoga is great for all ages and fitness levels. Because this so thoughtful sport is virtually a superhero of movement therapy: It strengthens the muscles, makes the body noticeably more elastic and resilient. On top of that, it supports stress reduction, balances and stabilizes the psyche. In short, regular yoga makes you calm and vital for pulling out trees.

weekly program
All about Yoga
  • Best trained yoga instructors
  • Workout locations: Sonnhof Alpendorf, Zederberghof, Oberforsthof-Garden
  • Yoga Styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga fit
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Equipment: Yoga Studio Sonnhof Alpendorf
  • High quality yoga mats from yoyoka
  • Blocks, pads and straps from Manduka®.
  • Blankets and towels
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